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Galway has the highest proportion of migrants of any region in Ireland, and as such many of us don’t have parents, family or school friends to fall back on for support when we go through the transition to parenthood and the sometimes lonely years of having young children. Information given by professionals, friends, colleagues, family and websites can all contradict, and it can be hard to know what to do.

This website is being written based on evidence based research, but research that is real world parent tested research. Research by psychologists, social workers, neuroscientists, infant and child mental health professionals, speech and language therapists, lactation consultants, social scientists and parents. The researchers and practitioners involved and represented on this website; local and national and international, all have a strong bias towards mindful and respectful relationships between children and parents. No one on this page will advise you to ignore a crying child, smack, threaten or put them in time out. We work on the premise that children, even babies, are people too. But that can be hard to put into practice, we know that too. So we have found and written the best advice and support in creating a new mindset with respect at heart, respect going both ways.

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Galway People: Tara Durkin

Tara Durkin is a mother of three, a birth and postpartum doula, an Antenatal Ireland childbirth educator (Group & 1:1 Classes) and Cuidiú breastfeeding counsellor, and a Baby Bonding practitioner based in Shantalla, Galway city. Read more…

Galway People: Olwen Rowe

Olwen Rowe is passionate about exploring with parents how they can bring confidence and ease to their parenting journey. She is a babywearing educator, a Baby Bonding practitioner and a voluntary breastfeeding counsellor. Olwen is especially Read more…

Amazing People: Pam Leo

No doubt if you look at Parenting Resources on the internet you will have stumbled across quotes from Pam Leo’s seminal book, Connection Parenting. It was one the first books published that went against the flow Read more…

Galway Parent Network Values

We believe that every member of a family needs to be supported, cared for and respected. When this is done families can flourish and provide a fertile environment for fostering the development of healthy, content Read more…

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We are seeking new members and also committee members, as well as people to help us create and source evidence based respectful parenting support resources and content.
We also intend to create a page of local links to professionals who adhere to the practices of respectful parenting. If you are a professional interested in being included please contact us for more information. 

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