Galway has the highest proportion of migrants of any region in Ireland, and as such many of us don’t have parents, family or school friends to fall back on for support when we go through the transition to parenthood and the sometimes lonely years of having young children. Information given by professionals, friends, colleagues, family and websites can all contradict, and it can be hard to know what to do.

We are a small group of Galway based parents. The vision we have for how the Galway Parent Network (GPN) will work is two fold.

1. Ensuring that evidence based information is available to all.
We are currently developing a public website where we aim to put information on the following things:
– resources in Galway (starting with city) that people can access, real people, their names, a photo of them, and what they do. Not just a listing. They will have to sign a document of agreeance with the values of the GPN, this will be mentioned further in a moment. 
– evidence based information framed from a position of respectful relationships with parents and children
– links and directions to online information and supports that align with these values also
– opportunities for real world meet ups, whether directly linked with GPN or what else is going on in the city
Our current poster project is part of this intention to ensure evidence based information is available to all.

2. To develop a body of members – an important part of being a formal group is having group membership. This will be free, but a member will need to sign up to the GPN values. These values are not aligned with many of the cultural norms we are surrounded by in Ireland and the Western World.
Members can vote in AGM’s and play leadership roles etc.
Having a group of people aligned with the values inherent in respectful and collaborative parenting will create safe space for us to discuss challenges and support each other with developing great parenting relationships.

We are keen to add more like minded parents to our group. Please contact this website contact page to get in touch with the chairperson, Nicole McGuigan, with any feedback, offers of help or interest in involvement.

This link will take you to our Values page.